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  1. Adkresident says

    Flying over another private property is not illegal. You do not own the airspace above you.
    It is 400′ above a fixed object, building, tower, tree.

    • kathy says

      I think the article said “more than once” over private property …probably for privacy reasons to keep someone using drones to scan homes.

  2. Paul says

    Sorry, I am confused I am in a plane flying over wilderness areas in the Adirondacks all the time. Why is that okay? Take off and landing I get that but “operation”? Why can Cape Air do it and I can’t?

  3. Long Lake says

    Let’s put this out there for the ones that want to nitpick a private property owner’s rights as a tax payer. Call your local New York State Troopers. Press harassment and stalking charges! Drone operators don’t get it! You piss off enough people with your mobilized computer operated surveillance system and property owners will figure out the owner and take action!!

  4. MEK says

    No state has control over airspace, period. That airspace is controlled by the Federal Aviation Administration, and for good reason. The only thing that NYS has control of, or can take legal issue with is if a drone operator takes off from or lands on state land where mechanized operation is illegal. The federal government – FAA – controls all airspace, not any state. The issue this article addresses is a person launching a drone from the earth or from their hand while standing on the earth where mechanized equipment is not permitted. A very poor job is done addressing the issues of the federal government’s legal control over airspace.
    A person standing just out of the Adirondack Park, who launches a drone can fly over the Park’s “Wilderness, Primitive, or Canoe” areas, so long as they adhere to federal drone rules/regulations and don’t land in one of those areas. The federal government controls the airspace, even over those NYS “restricted” land classifications. It’s really no different than if I fly my Cessna over those lands with restrictions, except for the altitude restrictions that may (or may not) apply to the drone and/or aircraft or, in addition to other general aviation or commercial aircraft regulations.

  5. Ron Dackers says

    One thing to consider is that within the “Adirondack Park” most of us have generations of ancestry right here.

    We have at times been legislated, ignored and over taxed for more than 100 years now, all the time being “governed’ by outsiders as our lands have been stolen either by state maneuvers to preserve “Forever Wild” lands.

    We all know that our children have no chance for a decent job here, and now the pandemic has shown that people with money are buying up everything we cannot afford to.

    Not many of us feel like “New Yorkers” so why are we putting up with downstate corruption and greed? Perhaps it is now time for us to begin a discussion; among oursevles to start with about whether or not we want our lands and homes to even be part of New York.

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