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  1. Incentivise Healthy logging says

    REQUIRE LOGGERS TO CUT ONLY THOSE BEECH TREES DOOMED TO DIE FROM DISEASE and to NOT CUT any healthy species, even if there is more profit to be made. Instead, make the selective cutting of diseased trees PROFITABLE. Change the price laws to help stop the spread !

  2. nathan says

    beech, spruce, butter nut, black walnut, elm, chestnut, we still cant learn to stop importing and/or controlling invasive organisms. another 100 years adirondacks will be only a few species of trees, with no variety of food sources and all mature forests that limit numbers and variety of wild life. We need to stop importing live foods and work on management logging to create more diverse growth for all animals in the adirondacks. we no longer have forest fires to clear out areas for lower story foods.

  3. Rand says

    EXCELLENT Call to Action…. If possible, What is the Origin of this Disease – We/USA seems to be afflicted with these Tree Diseases more Frequently during the past 2 Decades.

    Invasive Insects, Plants, Fish, etc – these Infestations are more Frequent, Lethal and Difficult to develop effective Methods to prevent/control these apparently external Threats to our Nations Ecology.

    THANK YOU for Your Dedication.

  4. Carol Meyer says

    I would like to exemplify the work done by my friends, John Lobotsky and Art Pritchard in Rhinebeck New York. As members of the American Chestnut Siciety, they are on the verge of obtaining disease resistant chestnut trees for planting in and around Rhinebeck.

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