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  1. Tom Paine says

    The animal that will be used as a blunt instrument on behalf of the Environmental lobby for further government control over private property.

    • Dana says

      Sad that you seem to be at odds with environmental protection – regardless of facts. What about the DEC’s responsibility to preserve and protect the environment? Blowing smoke and spreading unfounded fears. If you have any facts to back up your statements, we would like to hear them.

    • M Leybra says

      The only Environmental lobby ever quoted in the press, always refers to special interest activities on ‘public’ lands, private land is never mentioned to my knowledge, could you be more specific?.

  2. John M. Glowa, Sr. says

    The NYSDEC’s refusal to acknowledge that the animal was a wild wolf changes nothing and is further evidence of an agency that does the people and wildlife of New York a huge disservice by refusing to do its job. NYSDEC has lied about wolves in New York at least as far back as 2001. This is not a jury trial in which “beyond a reasonable doubt” is the bar. The preponderance of evidence proves that the animal was a wild wolf. The burden of proof should be on NYSDEC to prove that it was not-and they have NO such evidence. This animal was a Great Lakes gray wolf. New York state is well within dispersal distance of gray wolves from central Ontario and the Great Lakes region. Wolves are back in the northeast and this and multiple other wolves killed in the region prove it.

  3. John M. Glowa, Sr. says

    Mr. Paine:
    Please provide any evidence to support your claim and any evidence to prove that the state or federal governments have every used the wolf “for further government control over private property.” Your comment is nothing more than fearmongering and it completely unfounded.

    • Kevin says

      Predator haters will use every excuse in the book.
      Like you and others, still waiting for that “evidence”. Of course, there is none.

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