Summer outreach tour: coming to a Stewart’s Shop near you!

Just like you, we love the Adirondacks for so many reasons: The mountains, lakes, streams, unmatched recreation opportunities and unspoiled wilderness.

This is why our dedicated journalists work so hard to deliver comprehensive coverage of the Adirondack Park. Stories about the region’s natural beauty and inspiring outdoor adventures, as well as the threats and opportunities facing its wildlife, fresh water, and rural communities.

This summer, we want to hear from you. What Adirondack issues are important to you? Is there more you’d like to see us report? What’s happening in your community that we need to know about?

We are launching an “Adirondack Listening Tour” beginning June 22 and we hope you’ll join us.

We will be visiting Stewart’s locations around the region–you know, the gathering spot for gas, food, ice cream and conversation in many towns–to hear your thoughts and just get to know you a bit better. We’ll buy you a cup of coffee–or an ice cream cone–in exchange for your ideas for our coverage.

Here’s the list of stops we’ve got planned so far:

  • Schroon Lake: 8-10 am Wed, June 22
  • Brant Lake: 2-4 pm Wed June 22
  • Elizabethtown: 9-11 am Wed June 29
  • Keene: 2-4 pm Wed June 29
  • Long Lake: 9-11 a.m. Thurs, July 7
  • North Creek 9-11 am, Tues, Jul 12
  • Indian Lake 2-4pm Tues, July 12
  • Tupper Lake 8-10 am, Fri, July 15
  • Ticonderoga 9-11 Tues, July 19
  • Bolton, 2-4 pm Tues, July 19
  • Lake George 9-11 am Wed, July 27
  • Lake Luzerne 2-4 pm Wed, July 27
  • Northville, 2-4 pm Tues, Aug. 2

More communities and locations at places other than Stewart’s will be added as well.

If you can’t make one of these events, but want to share your thoughts, send an email to We’ll also be hosting some focus groups via zoom throughout the summer.

Thanks in advance for helping us shape our coverage to do the most good for our Adirondack communities.

About Adirondack Explorer

The Adirondack Explorer is a nonprofit magazine covering the Adirondack Park's environment, recreation and communities.

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  1. DAISY says

    What a good idea!
    I notice that your “list” of Adirondack topics includes : mountains, lakes, streams, recreation, wilderness; natural beauty, outdoor adventures, wildlife, fresh water, and rural communities.

    YES YES YES to rural communities.. Expand your list as widely as the list of naturey topics. Housing, family, aging, youth, schools, school security, entrepreneurship, redevelopment, drugs, jobs, tourism, medical care, overdevelopment.

    Protecting and supporting the people who live in the park, and whose families have been here for generations, is part of what makes the Adirondack Park an entity, equal to the protection and use of the natural resources.

    • 5th Generation Adk Lady says

      Yes yes yes… all the topics about nature and etc are great, but the real crisis in the Adirondacks is the lack of affordable housing for the working age folks. Younger adults can not afford to buy a house or find apartments here. This crisis causes them to move away or be forced in to alternative housing situations which leads to poor choices which leads us to the drug issues in many of our communities. In the mean time businesses in every town are lacking help. The retired population that have moved here do not want to work. So businesses are forced to cut hours and pray they make it through another year. In the mean time people fleeing from covid and political unrest in the cities are buying up houses for astronomical prices which in turn is raising land and home values which in turn is raising taxes which makes it even harder for businesses to do business on top of having limited staff. These are the real topics plaguing the Adirondacks…not the topic of how fresh the stream will be for the million vistors that come to the park per year.

  2. Johnny says

    It’s funny that you say you want to hear from us, but every time a comment is posted here that you don’t agree with, it is removed. So who do you really want to hear from?? **Screenshotted** so go ahead and pretend you actually care about what the populace thinks, not just the people you agree with.

  3. David Gibson says

    Melissa and all at the Explorer, great venues to pick up on local community interests, needs, desires and concerns. I wish your staff well as they go about these conversations at Stewart’s around the region.

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