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  1. Dominic Jacangelo says

    Like Willie, I too am very pleased that we have a Governor who is engaged with the issues in the Adirondack Park. Whether detractors recognize it or not, he is the Governor and as such has the power to approve or reject State Land Master Plan Amendments. While no hard evidence has ever been presented, there is no doubt that every Governor has ensured that the actions of the APA reflect their own thoughts. The Character of the APA has changed significantly over the past twenty years. The current board appears to best reflect the balance that was originally envisioned in the APA act.

  2. Dana Rohleder says

    “One veteran noted that it would be foolhardy to send Cuomo a classification proposal that he won’t endorse, so the APA is smart to avoid the embarrassment of a rejected plan.”

    I think this says it all. Fear of embarrassment?? The APA should be presenting what they feel to be the best option(s) to the governor and let the consequences fall where they may.

  3. Hawkeye says

    Mr. o’dato presents a fair, balanced view of this, and indeed prior administrations’ policy view towards the APA. However, he misses, or fails to make two points. First, we all were amazed that the governor in 2013 ignored his chosen Chairwoman of the APA when he came to north Creek to justify his heavy-handed approach regarding the Essex Chain lakes classification. It was clear then that he expected the APA to do his bidding.
    Second, past chairman Craig could be technically correct that he never heard from the Governor on any issue. True, the Governor himself might not have called but that answer does not address the many calls to and from DEC and staff from the executive Chamber. It is well know that these two carry the Governor’s water and act only with his approval.

  4. Hawkeye says

    Comment sent before had incorrect email address. this is correct, not jfc… You may send message seeking confirmation to this address instead. thank you.

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