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  1. Boreas says

    Every bat box I put up is almost instantly filled with paper wasps. I wish I could avoid this.

    I do have Little Brown Bats that roost/nest in the rafters of my porch directly above my head where I sit. Not a fan of the droppings falling in my drink, but I do like to see them crawling around and like to hear them scolding me when I spark up a stogie. Regardless, they put up with me and I have no urge to evict them. I would prefer they move into one of my boxes (all empty), but the wasps or squirrels get there first.

  2. Paul says

    It seemed to me like the bat populations were back on the rise. But I guess not. I don’t see the large numbers I saw in the past, but I do see quite a few more bats around than a few years ago? Like Boreas I have them back in my rafters and at times back in my camp (had to get a few rabies shots last summer!)…

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