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Tim Rowland is a columnist, author and outdoors writer living in Jay.

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  1. Boreas says

    The last time I was there in winter, I saw there had been a successful snowshoe hare hunt with a small dog – probably a beagle. The hunt seemed to start at the road and “ended” at the boardwalk. I am certainly not anti-hunting, but not on this small bog preserve where dogs need to be on a leash and hunting is not permitted.

  2. Greg says

    I have skied through many bogs over many years in the adirondacks. It is always a magical time, especially after snow.I have never been able to describe in writing the beauty of these places. I appreciate you writing about the silver lake bog.
    Your writing and description of this place was fantastic and clear.
    Thank you, Greg

  3. Ruth Gais says

    Thank you for this magical look at a place that is very dear to me. I remember the director of Silver Lake Camp, Betty Hicks, toiling away as she created the original boardwalk, a labor of love.

  4. Victor Capelli says

    I am amazed that as a Field Naturalist and Enironmental Educator(CALS, SUNY F +W. Cornell University, BS. MS. ED), I found little of the complex boreal ecology that the Adirondacks are known for. Nor anything about the Dome’s geology(1.5 billion years old) or the delicate fragile northern and Canadian type boreal forest ecology mentioned. Nothing about the quirky Gray Jay, Northern Three Toed Woodpecker or The Spruce Grouse! I have been writing about the natural world all my life and it was surprising that even a little about the Pleistocene geomorphogenisis of bogs was missing in the articles. True kettle bogs are glacial relics that were developed from the burial of ice blocks during the recession of the Labrador lobe of the Laurentide Ice Sheet covering North America more than 11,000 years ago. Try to write more about the beautiful Adirondack natural history and less lIike a travelog! Your readers would be more educated and intrigued!
    Sincerely Yours,
    Victor Capelli
    Ulster Park

  5. Michael Fitzpatrick says


    Notwithstanding Victor’s comments, I feel you have struck just the right balance with this article. Recognizing who your audience is, you have included enough about the natural world and local conditions, while appealing to readers more interested in “travelogues” as well. Count me among those who were both informed and entertained by the article. I hope to visit the area soon.

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