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Gwen is an award-winning journalist covering environmental policy for the Explorer since January 2020. She also takes photos and videos for the Explorer's magazine and website. She is a current member of the Legislative Correspondents Association of New York. Gwen has worked at various news outlets since 2015. Prior to moving to upstate New York, she worked for a D.C. Metro-area public relations firm, producing digital content for clients including the World Health Organization, the Low Income Investment Fund and Rights and Resources Initiative. She has a master's degree in journalism from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. She has bachelor's degrees in English and journalism, with a concentration in ecology and evolutionary biology, from the University of Connecticut. Gwen is also a part-time figure skating coach. Contact her at (518) 524-2902 or gwen@adirondackexplorer.org. Sign up for Gwen’s newsletter here.

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  1. ADK Camper says

    Sheehan and Bauerare upset that someone in their pocket didn’t get the job.

    Now, watch them start courting her..

  2. ADK Camper says

    Sheehan and Bauer are upset that someone in their pocket didn’t get the job.

    Now, watch them start courting her…

  3. David Gibson says

    Our appeal to Governor Hochul was too little, too late. The selection had been made weeks ago. There was no stomach to conduct a proper search for the executive director of one of the most important regional planning agencies for one of the largest parks in the world. And that is what bothers us the most. The Adirondack Park has state, national and global significance. And no search process for its staff leader? We wish the very best to the new executive director and appreciate the praise she is receiving from people we respect, but the insider process is as parochial as your local planning and school board, maybe more so.

    January 18 2022
    Governor Hochul,
    The Adirondack Park Agency has a vacancy at its Executive Director level. This is an environmental agency of great importance to all New Yorkers. I write to ask that an environmental leader and strong knowledgeable voice for the Adirondack environment, its natural resources and community resources be appointed APA ED.
    The quality of the environment in the Adirondack park is the complete key to its economic success. By appointing someone with a strong environmental background, you accomplish both.
    The APA needs to be a partner with you in the fight against climate change. An economic development background is not what is needed now at the APA. Former Gov Cuomo was satisfied with that, but I am certain you are not.
    You and all New Yorkers need someone with a distinguished environmental background to lead the APA forward, and to be a partner with you in your Climate Leadership initiative. The Adirondack Park’s natural and human communities need that environmental leadership at this crucial moment.
    Thank you.
    David Gibson, on behalf of Adirondack Wild

  4. ADKBCSkier says

    You know what would be nice? If the Explorer could publish articles without seeking validation from the Adirondack Council or Protect. We’ve heard enough of their single-minded opinions to last a lifetime. Where’s the interviews with Rangers, local business owners, back country guides, local police, and others who live and work in the ADK and see it as more than a political fund raising opportunity or a canvas on which to paint their own legislative narratives. Neither organization has regulatory authority, nor do they represent a single person who lives and/or recreates in the ADK, and frankly many of us are tired of hearing from them in every single topic.

    • JB says

      ADKBCSkier, frankly, I am amazed that your takeaway from Explorer during the past years is that they are parroting an environmentalist agenda and that economic interests are being neglected. Some of the current headlines: “State awards millions to Adirondack projects”, “Tupper Lake’s star-gazing attraction aims to expand”, “APA approves White Lake quarry project, with some conditions”, “Big wins for Tupper” … The name of THIS article: “Saranac Lake native, *economic development* leader to head the APA” (my italics). Considering all of that, it would be insanity not to give Adirondack Wild or even the disdained Protect an outlet. They have some of the world’s foremost Adirondack experts and historians on their boards, who have been following the Park since long before the current economic boom.

  5. Cindy K. says

    A disappointing choice for sure. With the environmental challenges our park is experiencing we should have had a ecology and natural resource expert put to the helm. Without a highly protected park, where conservation is understood and prioritized, we don’t have good economic prospects either – we just have another defunct upstate region.

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