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  1. Peter Osterhoudt says

    Excellent article. Entertaining writing style, fits my attitude appropriately.
    I’m an aging ADK. high peaks enthusiast…but , like many , am discouraged at the increased traffic in the peaks…but ,/ and…with my tongue also in my cheek, can appreciate the new attitude of the need for regulation.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your sleuthing to find the roads less travelled.

    The one thing I miss , getting older, is the difficulty of obtaining ” the peak”…
    and consequently am trying to more appreciate ” the journey “.

    However…you’ve hit on the best combination ,; a pleasant…realistic journey ..with a view !!

    And we know the secret, ; that the panorama from the east…looking westward towards the range…can’t be beat.

    Giant, Dix, …and beyond,!!

    Thank you so much for this armchair journey.

  2. jesse gigandet says

    I’m glad to hear you had a positive experience with the reservation system. I’m also adding this hike to my must-do list.

    I’ve always had a more frustrating experience with the permits. I’ve found that during the peak season, it’s almost impossible to get a reservation unless you sign up two weeks prior, within minutes of the date opening up. If it rains that day… too bad, you can’t switch to another day. I like the concept – but they really need to expand the number of reservations per day. There are over a dozen fabulous hikes from the AMR that require a pass, and they only allow 70 passes per day?

    By contrast, on a given day, Cascade has as many as 500 hikers on this single trail, and no permit is required. How is that equitable? This plan ONLY benefits the AMR and it’s members – don’t fool yourself.

    If you’re a member of the AMR, you don’t need a permit, and you can bring as many guests along as you like. So it doesn’t really cut down the number of hikers… just the number of outside hikers.

    • Mary Lou L Giuliano says

      The system might not be perfect, and none of us like “systems” to begin with but, let’s face it- overuse became a huge problem and thus, a system of some sort was needed. Thank God there is one (though with imperfections) and, that the number is relatively small so that the mountain habitats will be preserved for future generations. There are many other mountains and many lovely places to hike besides the high peaks.

  3. Eric says

    As far as I know AMR is private land and us hikers should be happy that we can hike through to make a really lo g hike a little more doable in a day. Have hiked Lake road many times and am still happy at the end of a hike to do a few miles on a decent gravel road. Membership at AMR is very expensive, again, from what I have heard. So if their members get a park, so be it, they earned it

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