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  1. Kathy Prusack says

    Well water testing aside, is there any study as to the effects of road-salting on the vegetation along the roads as well? In our travels this past season we noticed a good deal of browning on pines closest to the roads.

  2. Jim says

    This all started back in the 60’s with the “Clear Road” policy.
    it’s my contention that we go back to plow and sand.

  3. Dean says

    The DOT has dragged its feet for years now. They are going to evaluate and study the Route 86 pilot salt-reduction plan for several more seasons? WHAT?! WHY? The adverse effects are already known, so this slow wait and see approach smacks of corruption, in my view. Corruption? Yes, from the DOT and the NY State salt mines in the Syracuse area. I suspect there is a sweet-heart deal that keeps the salt flowing like it was water, and all at high tax-payer expense. Since neighboring states are decades ahead of NY vis a vis salt reduction, the use of salt alternatives and brine etc., there is no reason other than corruption for the unwillingness of the DOT to actually DO SOMETHING (that we all know now, and HAVE known for years) that actually works to remediate our polluted wells, contaminated streams, impacted forests, rusted car underbodies, ruined shoes and clothing, and potholed roadways—namely, salt reduction.

  4. Terry says

    Kathy and Jim have great points.
    Let’s lower speed limits for the winter months too!
    NYS is acting way too slowly to protect our Adirondack people and vegetation.
    Little or no salt and sand are the best way to go.

  5. Matt M says

    How much more evidence does this idiotic state government need at this point? It’s obvious that this salt is terrible for the environment.
    Additionally, I have actually witnessed state trucks on 86 salting a roadway that was BARE because freezing rain was in the forecast. “Pre-emptive salting” – brilliant.

    Plow and sand and SLOW DOWN. If morons decide to drive too fast, that’s their fault.

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