About Chloe Bennett

Chloe Bennett is a climate change reporter based in Lake Placid, NY. Originally from North Texas, Chloe has always been drawn to the natural world. In 2022, she graduated from the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY where she focused on environmental reporting and audio production. She grew a deep appreciation for the Adirondack Park while interning for the Explorer in the summer of 2022.

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  1. Boreas says

    We all need to get outside more to explore and learn more about our surroundings and the biology that exists there. How many people today even know what a vernal pool is, let alone have any desire to protect them? How many people are aware enough of reptiles and amphibians to either avoid driving in areas at times they may be migrating or slow down to avoid and help these creatures cross our roads? Roads are killing zones for all types of wildlife, especially if we are ignorant of their existence. Excessive road salt and even sand in some places are just an added dangers.

    Thank you for the article!

  2. Penny Acors says

    I have 2 huge ponds in my property about 18 feet deep. You call them spotted salamanders. I thought they were called spotted mole nose salamander ? These salamanders are huge ♥️ enormous bullfrogs .

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