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  1. louis curth says

    Brad Edmondson’s story about the Adirondack Park Agency is off to a good start. Bill and Abbie Verner and the others mentioned in this installment are not just names to those of us so long of tooth that we lived through those turbulent times.

    The Upper Hudson Environmental Action Committee (UHEAC) had already been formed in the North Creek area after celebrating our first Earth Day in 1970. As strident anti-APA fervor increased, our members became increasingly convinced that unregulated development would destroy the Adirondacks if left unchecked, therefore, our members chose to become became determined to defend and support the need for the APA.

    As pro and con positions hardened, the anti-APA side tried to claim that support for the APA came from wealthy elites living outside the Adirondacks and not from Adirondackers. The presence of a bunch of local working stiffs like those of us in the UHEAC, along with guys like Clarence Petty, with his indisputable Adirondack credentials, made such accusations ring pretty hollow.

    I thank the Adirondack Explorer for this series, and I look forward to reading future installments of a story lived in my case. It may also shed some light today’s APA and its value or lack thereof.

  2. louis curth says

    Brad Edmondson – I’ll make a note of your site for future contact. Evelyn is a great friend and will be an excellent source for you. She and her late husband were longtime active members of UHEAC.

    Barbara McMartin also alluded to UHEAC in some of her writings. For another source, if you are interested, I could send you some old editions of the original UHEAC mimeographed newsletter from the 1970s. It was titled “The Duff – News at the Grassroots Level” (our attempt at some humor back then). Many UHEAC activities are recorded in those.

    In the meantime, look forward to reading more of your story. LC

  3. Pablo Rodriguez says

    Only 492 words. If the other 8 parts are as short it won’t take us long to read this. So this is not an in-depth look but a summary of what happened?

  4. David Gibson says

    Nice to see the photo of Bill and Abbie Verner together, with her on the phone. Classic. Thanks to their daughter for sharing that pic. Bill and Abbie have a special place in my heart; Bill for welcoming me and giving me a desk and phone as the new ED of the Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks (AfPA) in ’87. Abbie for making me feel welcome in Long Lake, for her sense of humor and her laughter, and for becoming the first female president of the board of the AfPA.

  5. Norbert J ST Pierre says

    The truth is that all these posts are from one side of the issue and is all about what the media would choose to post in support of the elite. Gary Randorf told lie after lie to cover his evil motive. His and the Cuomo’s regime cover-up of ” hypocrits Pond” is his real legacy. Of course, you won’t publish this!

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