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Gwen is an award-winning journalist covering environmental policy for the Explorer since January 2020. She also takes photos and videos for the Explorer's magazine and website. She is a current member of the Legislative Correspondents Association of New York. Gwen has worked at various news outlets since 2015. Prior to moving to upstate New York, she worked for a D.C. Metro-area public relations firm, producing digital content for clients including the World Health Organization, the Low Income Investment Fund and Rights and Resources Initiative. She has a master's degree in journalism from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. She has bachelor's degrees in English and journalism, with a concentration in ecology and evolutionary biology, from the University of Connecticut. Gwen is also a part-time figure skating coach. Contact her at (518) 524-2902 or gwen@adirondackexplorer.org. Sign up for Gwen’s newsletter here.

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  1. CTD says

    Their project in Fort Edward is the nightmare one. They are building in absolutely critical habitat for some highly endangered grassland birds – including short-eared owls, harriers, snowy owls, rough-legged hawks, kestrel, as well as Kestrel, seriously declining populations of grasshopper sparrow, henslow’s sparrow, savannah sparrow, bobolinks, meadowlark…and the list goes on and on. Some critically important habitat. It makes me sick.

  2. Joe Kozlina says

    Its time we get our heads out of the sand and see this for what it is. I am in favor of solar energy, have been since 1970 when it wasnt fashionable or a money maker for the big corporations to again destroy our open land, forested land and food producing fields. I have land in the Adirondacks and a organic farm in Pa. We here in Pa have been fighting against these solar corporations for over a year now and have been successful in stalling them for now. The money they will recieve for destroying our earth by putting this glass over the planet is just too hard to resist. We here in Lawrence county Pa have been trying to focus thier attention on Roofs Not Fields. http://www.pa4responsiblesolar.com If we could cover the already existing roofs, parking lots, highway medians and airport lands where the infrastructure already exists we may be sustainable. Covering our planet with black glass is not sustainable. Link in the next post.

  3. Pat Smith says

    More land and habitat destroyed to barely produce 6 or 7 megawatts. Facilities in Upstate NY
    only produce 12%-15% of their nameplate rated capacity. We’re dealing with Boralex in our town. They are so full of bs it’s hard to believe a word they say. We also have upland sandpipers nesting on much of the proposed site. I doubt much will be done to protect them. When we ask Boralex why solar panels aren’t being installed on buildings and in parking lots the answer they give us is it’s not cost effective. At least towns are starting to fight back. There are several court cases regarding ORES and its massive governmental overreach. I encourage people to stand up and push back against officials who keep telling residents there is nothing they can do.

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