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  1. Frank Walsh says

    John Caffry is correct. Less than 15 minutes of legal research will reveal that if the constitutional argument was not raised in the original lawsuit, the Court of Appeals cannot review it, even if the Appellate Division did address it. Tread lightly, Mr. Phillips. An attorney who bills a client for the time spent on a clearly nonreviewable issue in the State’s highest court is just asking for trouble.

  2. Kerri Breen says

    Thank you John Caffry! Your dedication to this ongoing battle has shown great patience!
    This should have ended years ago! These landowners should be ashamed of their selfishness!
    Yesterday as I hiked in one of my favorite places of the Adirondacks, the rain filtering through the trees, along with the sun, I saw an end to a rainbow on a large boulder in the stream I was following. It was absolutely beautiful! Documenting all the different varieties of moss and always amazed of it’s beauty, day after day, and year after year, I worry that some day, I will not have the right to experience this! To stop somebody from only trying to find beauty, just trying to pass through. Thank you for your commitment!

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