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  1. AG says

    No one should be surprised and it is almost certain there have been others that never were reported nor tested. Something needs to be done to protect this top tier predator.

  2. Paul says

    Maybe they want to publish the info in a journal, they shared it in confidence with the DEC, and so they don’t want outside advocacy groups messing that up and that is why Peter just needs to be patient.

    “That report is sitting on someone’s desk,” Bauer said. “It’s sitting on numerous computers as a PDF. It would be very easy for the DEC to release it. Research, independent analyses, that stuff is clearly available to the public under Freedom of Information laws, and it’s time for the DEC to stop stonewalling”

    So its a wolf. Well it looks like the most probably explanation is a wolf from Canada has wandered down to Cooperstown. Maybe it wanted to visit the baseball hall of fame?

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