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  1. Restrict & Regulate in NY State 2019 supports Yes on Back-of-the-Ballot Prop 1 Nov 7.

    “New York has fallen behind the rest of the country on adult-use cannabis, medical marijuana and industrial hemp because we have no voter-initiated ballot measure process in New York. California and Nevada are now leading the way, while New York watches its neighbors in Massachusetts and Maine implement regulated programs that protect their children from under-age access, protect their adult consumers from contaminated products, provide their cannabis workers with union protections and remediate social injustices of the war on drugs,” said Jerome W. Dewald, RRNY’s Executive Director. “Proposition 1 gives New York a once-in-a-generation chance for the people to take the lead when the legislature refuses to do so. We think this is the only realistic chance for New York to regain a leadership role in cannabis legislation by 2019.”

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