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  1. Scott Thompson says

    Got Beds?
    As a business in the Town Of Webb, it is blatantly Obvious there is a direct correlation between places to ride and filled beds. Whether it’s hotel/motels, seasonal rentals or the 80% second homes that support everything in our area; we all know that just because people can get here does not mean they will come unless they can enjoy their chosen activity and in the Winter, that is primarily Snowmobiling.
    Being able to “Go somewhere” is the main attraction. Brantingham, Cranberry Lake, Raquette Lake, Moose River plains, Long Lake: all great destinations, but when there are low snow conditions there are issues. Sections of plowed roads, primitive trails, lake crossings, sharp corners and dips and dives that are difficult to groom. Then there is C7, the Corridor. Flat, easy curves, good drainage, no plowing, good visibility, no water to cross, but there is a problem; the rails and ties. With the rails and ties gone it would only take a few inches of snow and there could be 90 miles of uninterrupted ride. Worth coming for? You bet.
    So who wants more restored railroad? ALL the public hearings ( still available on YouTube ) almost no one speaks in favor of more railroad and enthusiastically endorse the Rail Trail year round. Many local businesses from each area spoke for support of the trail. Who , as State presenters put it, thinks the current plan is best for the Corridor use. Town of Webb administrators? How would anyone know as no one came to the hearings. No one in the State will step up and say why that is their thinking when it is so openly opposed by the public with the concern to attend hearings.
    It’s not more efficient, it’s not faster, it’s not less expensive, does not create much local employment and does not fill beds! So why?
    You can still write to you representatives, maybe they know??

  2. Scott Thompson says

    For those addressing environmental quality issues: While Snowmobiles have become MUCH more efficient and clean, the reality is they will still be using the corridor as a trail as they have for decades and even though their numbers and duration would increase over the Rail Trail, trains will just add another season of the worst kind of emissions and the RR restoration will add hundreds of thousands of creosote soaked cross ties evaporating and leaching into the environment.

  3. Hope C Frenette says

    Just what we don’t need. Mass transit to the Adirondacks. Certainly isn’t doing any good right now. We do not need a train to bring more people to the Adirondacks or more viruses. Keep it in the cities where it belongs. Mass transit for the masses. I’d rather 1000 snowmobiles coming down the tracks than 1 train car. They will all be electric or clean diesel in a few years anyway.

  4. David A Robinson says

    Bicycling is a growing sport in the united states. Rail trails are very popular and draw many people. Studies show rail-trail usage by bicyclists, walkers, joggers, and people out for a stroll to be very high. Studies show that people who use rail trails also spend in communities they visit. Hotels, motels, campgrounds, restaurants, groceries, area attractions have shown to have far greater revenue when a rail trail is located close to their communities.
    Bicycling is a human-powered sport, as is walking, jogging and strolling with friends, family, and children.
    A rail-trail would fit into the Adirondack Park’s clause of ” Forever Wild ” since it is not mechanical with fuels and exhaust that would pollute.
    A rail-trail would benefit all stakeholders.

  5. Virginia Thompson says

    We are the owners of the Norridgewock Lodge in Beaver River. The only business between Big Moose and Tupper Lake. We find it very strange that during this whole process not one person from the state has ever reached out to us to ask what we thought about this debate. Of course we would like the rails removed between Tupper and Big Moose. We would be out on our bikes today!

  6. John Boy says

    I have ridden the RR bed north of Big Moose station when the snow cover on the rails is iffy. I curse everytime my ski’s on my snowmobile find the rails under the snow. Just from a safety stand point I wish the rails were gone! If the RR bed was converted to a rail trail I might even bring my E Bike with me when I visit in the summer. I say E Bike because the speed/place of this project looks to be I will be too old to ride a bike with out assistance for a older senior lol. I am sure another nuisance is in the works any way by the RR buffs which is a way for them to force NYS to waste money on rebuilding the RR bed from Big Moose station to Tupper just so NYS can get them off there backs for the rail trail project from Tupper to Lake Placid. Suck it up NYS if you give the RR Buff’s crowd an inch they will want a mile. Please NYS do not waste the $$ on the rebuild you already did that in the 90’s Life long NYS resident and taxpayer

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