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  1. mary C randall says:

    I wonder about the 2 types of land considered in the park/wilderness/Adirondack Park/–going through with snowmobiles (pending snow HA HA) That is when God would come in, as there is effectively every year a Question in the amount of snow in order to make a trail worthwhile to go through them.
    As I go every year to the EVENT at Michaels, about “property rights”-it seems that in order to go through private land then the other 2 types of ADK park land in order to make a trail pending snow-the land owner is to be given something in return for using their land-which could be costly for the trail whether snow or not. bI do not think this would be an advantage for those snowmobilers attempting to make a trail in a mostly snowless area in the ADK park.

  2. mary C randall says:

    blah blah

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