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  1. Will Biking be the next snowmobiling for the Old Forge area? Could be. Many great new trail are opening up and the bikers are coming. Not all granola munching water begging interlopers; these folks are real customers! Beaver River ( part of Old Forge) has advocated for YEARS for the Rail Trail,and the time is here ( always has been). While the train can be an activity, it has not proven that much of an attraction. On flaw in this article is that the train North of Old Forge has not attracted enough riders to keep going and dropping of bicyclers has not been popular as the trails back are too hilly, rough and sandy for most cyclists. DEC,DOT are taking comments on the Rail Trail, let’s get it from Old Forge to Lake Placid! John Schmid, NYSDEC, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233

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