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  1. David says

    Sounds a lot like the objectors don’t want any of “those people” living in their lovely corner of the world. If God had wanted them to live in their little slice of heaven, He would have given them money. Poor and other undesirables need not apply.

  2. Jaime Oot says

    Mr. Calli and his family have a long history in Old Forge and I know that he genuinely cares about the area and is IN FACT trying to be part of the solution. I would love to hear the solutions that the objecting parties have to address some of the issues the area is experiencing. You folks are part of the problem, not the solution. Thank you Mr. Calli for your energy in the investment in the area.

  3. Nathan says

    The town people should be wary! the houses could be built and sold at high market and out of reach for locals and families. If it is low income then there should be a clear cost and eligibility stated. Is it being subsidized by town/county/state? To simple allow a huge building project without clarity is fool hardy. Mr Cali is a builder, AKA all about the profit, will it be built dirt cheap and every shortcut and get away with build and in 10 years falling down or quality building for 100 years?

    • LeRoy Hogan says

      I admit Nathan has valid concerns. There is a housing project going on right now in the lower Hudson Valley and a person who has experience building homes states this project is doing shoddy work.

    • Richard says

      These are rentals. It is in their best interest to build something that will last. It is not sect 8 nor hud housing. To qualify as affordable housing, renters must work and have a household income at certain levels for lower rent.

  4. Mike Bishop says

    Can Calli use a more racist dog whistle?! “We have heard the comments from community members about [People First] relocating and transporting all these ‘undesirables’ to Old Forge, [creating] a development made up of people on welfare…”

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