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  1. Kenny Friedel says:

    –Great Story, this has answered some of the questions that I have had for years. The EPA web site showed pictures taken as they removed the huge oil thanks. I remember seeing the wooden pipe. With metal straps. Now it makes sense has to how the spill happened. The big tanks were not the cause. There is another mine north of the paper mill. It was referred to as the Other Mine. It is hard to find information on this mine. It is another story waiting to be told. Very good reporting. The details are starting to make sense. Thank You

  2. Dave McMahon says:

    When I worked at the mines there it was common practice to use old oil to keep the dust down on the roads as it was in Tahawus and other mines around. Of course as the water table came up so did the oil come to the surface and will take years to recover if ever

  3. Mike Peterson says:

    Not just in the mines, Dave. A lot of dirt roads throughout the area had used oil applied to contain dust.

  4. Ben Gardiner says:

    Interesting article which answers the question “where did all that oil come from.”

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