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  1. David Thomas-Train says

    Notes From a Proud Father:
    These young people all work incredibly hard,long hours! Though the article didn’t feature it, a large part of their mission is to create a viable and constructive alternative to mainstream agriculture and its dependence on synthetic and petroleum-based chemicals. Though not legally so, they are mostly organic operations.

    One farm left out of the story is Full and By Farm , also in Essex, a CSA started by James Graves and Sara Kurak,offering a complete diet, minus dairy.
    A couple of notes about the photos: the large barn picture is of Essex Farm, not Mace Chasm, though the two people in it seem to be Asa and Courtney. Asa may be the only person to have appeared on two hard-copy covers of The Explorer; he is on this one, being followed by the pigs, and he was on the cover of December 2000, as a 12-year old skinning up Marcy on his tele skis.

    Mace Chasm Road is about to be a “full-diet” neighborhood, with the soon-to-open Adirondack Brewing Company run by brothers Dan and Dylan Badger. They brew superb beer! Another great Explorer story would be about all the new breweries in the Park.

  2. Daniel says

    As someone still starting out, it’s great that the Open Space Institute was able to provide funding and assistance with lease programs for land and such. The Champlain Valley seems to be where it’s at!

  3. David Thomas-Train says

    Although the article does not feature it, these farms are all de-facto organic. Though not certified as such, they offer an alternative to an agriculture dependent on synthetic and hydrocarbon-based chemicals. Invariably, this is a more labor-intensive approach, yet these young people are up to the challenge.
    Two notes: the photo of the red barn is that of Essex Farm, not Mace Chasm, but the people in it appear to be Asa and Courtney at the time they worked there. Another farm in the Champlain Valley galaxy, Full and By Farm, a CSA in Essex, started by James Graves and Sarah Kurak, was overlooked by the article. I believe it offers a full diet selection, minus dairy products.


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