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  1. James higgins says

    The picture you have of the furnace says 2019. Is that still there today. We were there in may and did not see it. We only spent a couple of hours exploiting.

  2. susan moffitt says

    I was born in 1960 and in 66 went to the great camp Foxlaire with family to see the Foxlaire camp before it was demolished. I was only six but the memory has stayed so vivid in my memory. I remember a stage with a beautifully painted back ground and curtains surrounding it. Vandals had smashed hundreds of plates, cups etc. in a basement service kitchen. There were stained glass windows at the top of steep staircases. I thought it was a dream until my cousin was recounting her memories of the place. Supposedly the public was allowed in in the last days to salvage but i don’t know how true that was.

  3. Fred Allen says

    My father Earl Allen worked with caretaker Roy Dunkley for 12 years maintaining the property for the PAL.
    My Sister Kjerstia still has the 1946 farmall A tractor that we bought form the estate when selling off stuff.
    I remember going with my dad on. Sunday to dump the garbage and the cook would make me a big turkey sandwich.
    One night after church dad took a few of us. and climb in the attic and looked out the windows up river at the Sacandaga.
    Befor the state burned it down I loved the architect and the hand painted walls, I have made a of trips there at the old runes, a lot of stone work can still be found.

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