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  1. AdkSarah says

    Very interesting research. Last time I was on an Adirondack trail I wondered who designed the routes and took care of the trails.

    As far as trail maintenance it can be good to look at what other countries have done. The Polish have painstakingly made stone pathways throughout the Tatra National Park. And I’m sure Switzerland has done something similar. They have a ton of foot traffic and the trails hold up very well especially with people wearing crampons in winter.

  2. Wanderweg says

    All of the inhabitants of villages in Switzerland pay a small trail maintenance fee each year, and tourist parking fees in nature reserves help to pay for trail maintenance. There is also a Swiss Alpine Club, mountain forest projekt, and other organisations to carefully design build, and maintain trails. Trails are marked by the same, metal, arrow-shaped, yellow sign for visibility with the destination name and hiking time. Rocks are marked with stripes for visibility in cloudy weather. A
    Swiss Topo map with the hiking trails highlighted in red is also posted in some locations.

    The adirondacks may add a hotel tarif for all guests to pay to cover trail maintenance, in proportion to the number of visitors.

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