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  1. Robert Carr says

    Hello. Yesterday morning, 12-11-16, My wife and I saw what we believe were 2 lynx on a beaver pond behind our house. We observed them for a few minutes w/ binoculars at about 150 yards. Definitely cat, their backs about 2′ high, and we did not see any tail. Just thought you might want to know. We are about 15 miles north of the blue line.

  2. Kathy P says

    I lived in the Town of Glenville , when I encountered a lynx walking through my neighborhood, possibly 25 years ago. Definitely one of the relocated lynx as evidenced by the tracking collar around its neck. At that time I contacted NYS Encon and was thanked for letting them know I spotted one and what it’s location was, as the batteries in the tracking collar had given out long before. Spectacular to see such a magnificent cat no more than 30 feet away from me. Lucky too that it didn’t feel threatened either.

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