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  1. Barbara Cragg Kiefer says

    Thanks for this update. As a former resident and graduate of LLCS, I am always interested in my hometown. We had an outstanding 50th all school reunion in 2019 during which the town and the school provided space and resources. Many thanks to Alex R and Noelle Short. (LLCS Superintendent and Principal)
    Barbara Cragg Kiefer
    Class of 1969 President

  2. Paul says

    Leave Long Lake the way it is. once covid is over next summer, things will resume to normal and there will be no use for extra businesses.

  3. Bill Suttie says

    Long Lake is truly a bucolic area of the ADKs – Love Hoss’s store, The LeBlanc’s and miss Wally’s – I miss traveling thru town on my way to Upper Tupper for work in 80’s – Just awesome !!

  4. John Gallagher says

    My family has been coming to Long Lake for 23 years now to stay at the Shamrock and we’ve always been comforted by the beauty of the view over to Owl’s Head Mountain and the friendliness of the people. Change is a constant of course and you can only guide it not stop it but we wish you success. There’s something genuine about the place in that the transient people don’t really define it even though we benefit from it and I hope that doesn’t change. Keep it real. We’ll keep coming because we like and respect who and what you are.

  5. Annette says

    My sisters and I have been coming to Long Lake for 7 years. We like it just the way it is, but understand the need for some changes. We missed this past summer because two of us would have to fly, hoping to visit in 2021.

  6. Mary says

    The hamlet of Long Lake is not the same as The Town of Long Lake. Raquette Lake is within the Town of Long Lake. By ambulance from Utica or Glens Falls is one and one half hour and about the same time to Saranac Lake.
    It was just a comparison. By all standards the EMS in these communities are swift and professional. I can speak with authority because I had a stroke on Nov. 29 and went by ambulance to Glens Falls Hospital.
    The only negative was the deteriorating road from Indian Lake to North River which does not pass through the Town of Long Lake.
    How about we all really try to think about the great people and beautiful landscape and skip the nit picking.

  7. Joe elting says

    leave it the the is you people are going to ruin the place it all about money your taxes will go up even more “deftite ” what they say it been going down because of taxes only down state people can afford to buy property there

  8. Susan Harris says

    I have been going to Long Lake on an off for 50 years. I think it is fine just the way it is. If you DO add businesses etc., you will need to do something about the main route through town for both tractor trailers and cars – it’s a dangerous mess now, let alone without additional problems. The people I met there who lived there were from NYC or New Jersey, and had not actually known the area as long as I had! Let’s face it, the only option now is to let the millionaires in to build their mansions – that’s the only people who can afford to do anything there now.

  9. Walt says

    I remember almost 30 years ago while visiting upstate NY my wife and I stopped for breakfast in Long Lake New York. We had a pleasant meal at a place called “WALLY’S.”It was in the heart of town where a bridge crossed a narrow portion of Long Lake. Does Wally’s exist under a different name at that same location?

    We also went for an exciting 15-20 minute ride in a seaplane close by as well. We finished off our “Long Lake adventure” with a rental of a motorboat and cruised almost the entire length of the lake.

    The people were so friendly, no matter where we went. I still have a fond memory of my time in Long Lake, and have even told my grand kids on their trips to Lake Placid to make a stop in Long Lake!

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