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Mike De Socio is a freelance journalist based in upstate New York. He covers cities/communities, climate change and the LGBTQ community.

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  1. Randy says

    A wonderful article about haystack have climbed it several times once a glorious bright sunny day with no clouds once in a deep Thor in winter where you couldn’t see 50 feet in front of you. But it was always humbling to be there haystack arguably has one of the best views in the park congratulations on becoming a 46 or I finished mine many years ago now when I come up to the Adirondacks I get to pick what hikes and white mountains I would like to climb just for the beauty And serenity of being there

  2. resident adker says

    I’m a 3-time 46er, reside right here in small town/adk’s. If you want to make decent time and an easier day of it (imo), along with nicer views, park at Loj and up trail for Mt. Marcy. On shoulder of Marcy, look for sign board into Panther Gorge/Haystacks (on left). Into Panther Gorge, up to the Haystacks. In reverse on return. This route, easier terrain to negotiate, quicker time, nicer views. Check it out.

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