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    • Dana says

      I guess we will see once the Tri-Lakes have a decade or so to evaluate the results. IMO, I doubt they will want to go back to the rails.

  1. Scott Thompson says

    The trail will be wonderful for the area and a tourism draw, but only a drop in the bucket to what it would be if it went to Old Forge. How many beds does Tupper Lake have?
    Taxis? Busses? It will be a 4+ hour ride on the train that’s 8 hours out of a weekend to ride the train and nearly $100 paid to the ASR, not local gas stations and all the businesses on the roads. ( Not that many will, but think of the logistics)

  2. Paul says

    I assume the restoration of the rails from TL down south will begin as well? That was the other side of the deal as I understand it.

    • Boreas says


      Looks like $18.9M is slated for it alone. But because of the differing nature of the repairs to the south vs. removal to the north, I would doubt both N & S sections are going to start at the same time. I would assume different contractors and different contracts.

  3. john boy McCormick says

    oh for sure spend the NYS taxpayers money to rebuild the RR bed from Big Moose to Tupper so that in another 20 years it can be in the shape it is now with the hobby RR in charge/responsible for maintenance just saying IMHO

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