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3 Responses

  1. Jeremy Carr says:

    We often take a sunset cruise and are back into Mossy Point long after the lake stewards have gone home and would be hugely impacted if the Stewards had to lick gates behind them when they left if that were the rule. For us renting a dock on the lake even in the North end is not financially an option and we rely on the flexibility of the existing arrangements.

    • dwlewis says:

      So to accomodate you, the lake should be at risk??

      Seems like another of the “entitled class”; “after me, you come first”.

  2. Judson Witham says:

    What about all the Lake Flushing of the Lake George Sewage Laced polluted waters to Lake Champlain when DEC FLUSHES Lake George all the time ?

    See the Poisoning of Lake Champlain and the Poisoning of Lake George on all the search engines. The FACTS ARE STUBBORN on these points.

    Judson Witham

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