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  1. John Bingham says

    This brine solution of salt and water…isn’t that what repurposed Pennsylvanian’s horizontal fracturing (“fracking”) brine and water is? Are NY towns able to get a “best deal” on this cheap ocean of fracking brine and water (with its proprietary chemicals and deep earth elements)? Is anyone going to conduct toxicity tests for these high brine, lower cost fracking residue alternatives to rock salt, before applying them in these experiments across the state?

  2. William Miner says

    NYS DOT should be involved in solving this issue all over the north country. DOT spreads salt like crazy whenever there is the least amount of wintery conditions. This salt leaches into private property and has the potential to spoil private ground water sources. This indeed has happened in several areas and has the effect of making private property worthless, or forcing people to buy into public water.

  3. charles Marsden says

    I am working on a Low Salt roadway designation in Southern NH around our lake. A big issue is safety for school buses if less salt is used. Does any have any statistics on accidents before roadways switch to Low Salt designation and after the switch to a Low Salt roadway?

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