Bob Meyer: Why this matters

Bob Meyer
Bob Meyer

There are many reasons why I cherish the Adirondack Explorer/Almanack. First and foremost is the in depth coverage of the issues that affect the Park, Forest Preserve, water, private land, people and communities of the Adirondacks.

Combined, the Explorer and Almanack provide both an educational platform and a discussion platform for writers and readers alike. This is a vitally important service if we are going to make real progress in solving these problems. 

The two publications are where real dialogue can and does happen between differing viewpoints with the common goal of a better Park for residents and visitors alike.

For this and many other reasons, including entertaining and informative articles EXPLORING all aspects of our beloved Adirondacks, I love the Adirondack Explorer/Almanack.

— Bob Meyer, Cortlandt Manor & Pottersville, NY

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