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  1. Michael Vaughan says

    Thomas Davenport invented the electric motor in 1834 so he couldn’t have visited Penfield in 1933. Otherwise, a very interesting article.

    • Brandon Loomis says

      Nice catch. We caught and fixed this typo once before, for the print version, but it slipped through here. Editor’s error. Thanks for flagging.

  2. Courtenay W. Hall says

    Thank you for such an interesting and well-being written letter. Perhaps the board could forward this to the gentleman from Tesla.

    Thank you.

  3. Glen Repko says

    Another interesting Adirondack article Tim. Keep them coming. They are not only interesting but enlightening.

  4. Deborah Coffin says

    It would be great to append information about whom to contact should someone wish to step up and donate to repair the dam. I cannot locate a Penfield Foundation and the museum seems not to have a website.

  5. nathan friend says

    I grew up part of my life on penfield pond, before acid rain sterilized the place. as a kid in the late 70’s and early 80’s. id get the full orchestra of a million bull frogs croaking so loud and furious that dawn would find me weary from not sleeping. i would hear the put put of Doug Brooks 9n ford putting along the road , around the lake to the gate and we would cut brush and grass with a scythe. The well kept secret of 4&5 foot northern pike, the huge bass of upper lake lily pads. grandma catching a 15 pound bass and we though of state records possibly, but we realize that 1,000″s of fishermen descending on this tiny paradise. so we never talked of the bass. The out house that my grandafather Vernon Knapp and Dave Dooley built and i helped,, the two person outhouse “bucks and does” that still stands 40 years later, the screen house i used to live in during summer. Penfield lake was just a quiet fishermans paradise as a kid. I am truely sad to hear of the damn being removed and a lake lost. Heaven should not have an expiration date or Loon’s! I wish i had a million dollars to give and save one of the few more pristine places i know of..The people that lived in penfield when i was a kid are long gone, but the fond memories of the museum, reading the old national geographics in the house library, camping on the lake all summer, those are treasures missing today to most kids. Thank you Penfield for many cherished memories.

    • Dianne says

      Very interesting article along with your comment made it even more of a good read. Did they end up tearing down the dam? Curious though, You mentioned someone by the last name of Dooley of helping to build the outhouse. My Maiden name is Dooley. Any of the Dooley’s from PA?

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