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  1. Donald G. Sloan says

    This has been an issue for years. I have yet to hike a trail anywhere in the area (besides a few of the newer BETA trails) that has a reasonable sustainable design. A sustainable design is,on average, a five percent grade that utilizes a sidehill, grade reversals and the natural contours of the land.
    When is the DEC and other groups going to put in place a solid plan to reroute these trails properly.
    Hire back the trailcrews, cut back on using unpaid interns with no experience and bring in someone with extensive knowledge to get it done.
    It astonishing that the DEC has been throwing money at this for decades and we still keep getting lousy designs and work from the agency and its partners. It’s a state contract that provides the money for the agency partner to do the work. We are paying for it just like any other state run project-it’s time to see some solid guidelines and results. Not just some college kids scraping away at some dirt on a random trail.

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