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5 Responses

  1. Chris Martin says:

    Just wondering, why are the camps shuttered on the lake… are they for sale… I would be interested if they are affordable…probably mostly fixer-uppers…

    • JIm Vroman says:

      Those camps (seasonal homes) are closed for the winter.
      The Great Sacandaga Lake was created to help decrease flooding in downstream communities, thus those communities should pay for the maintenance of the dam.

  2. Jim V. says:

    The camps (seasonal homes) are closed up in preparation for winter.

    The downstream communities should contribute more for the upkeep of the dam.
    The reason that the dam was built was to alleviate flooding in those places.

  3. Jim Doody says:

    Senator MacDonald claims the “flood threat has increased due to climate change”. I call BS on that but perhaps the Senator can site the study that supports that conclusion and perhaps I will change my opinion.

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