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Adirondack Explorer

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  1. chris winslow says:

    In 20-30 years, we’ll see what impact the public will have on this area. I don’t hold much faith that the day users and campers will respect this pristine area. I also am turned off to the tone the Nature Conservancy takes towards the hunter and fisherman that have cherished these waters and forests for 75+ years. Let’s just dismiss the Adirondack way of life. The conservancy already tore down 1 historic building in their zest to “rid” the land of these awful sportsman. The traditions and lifestyles of the north country are being pushed aside for kayakers and hikers. Litter and invasive species are coming to the Essex chain lakes area! wait and see! As a lover of nature, I will no longer lend my support to the Nature Conservancy and their dishonest rhetoric.

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