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  1. Vanessa B says

    Make sure to tip the kind drivers, all! Also the weather has been iffy a bit. It will pick up later in the summer.

  2. Chris G says

    “… if their intended hikes are over-crowded”

    The hikes aren’t ‘overcrowded,’ the parking infrastructure is insufficient. The community has done a very effective job driving tourism away from the Town of Keene. I just hope folks don’t realize too late that their shooting themselves in the foot with this ‘overuse’ nonsense.

  3. Zephyr says

    No thanks. I’ll go elsewhere that doesn’t require wasting my hiking day parking, taking a shuttle, and then having to pay through the nose for it. Keene has succeeded in chasing away this hiker with its unfriendly attitude and embrace of the ridiculous AMR hiking permits. I’ll go out of my way not to spend money where I am not welcome. Too many other great places to hike.

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