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  1. Roger J Jette says

    Fewer hikers equals less impact. Close it permanently and keep the shuttle from Marcy Field. Handicap parking only.

    • Matthew says

      This is not even a remotely realistic option. It will do nothing to actually alleviate the overuse problem just push it elsewhere (see: Loj Road all summer, with lines of cars stretching over two miles from the HPIC on Labor Day). Additionally, you’re asking a town that basically exists because of hiker business to scare away the hikers. Ask any of the restaurants, the lodging, or the Mountaineer how business has been this summer. I bet they’ll all say it’s been down and they couldn’t afford to do this every summer.

  2. automir says

    Garden Trailhead Parking Lot Closed (Until Lake September 2019): The Garden Parking Lot at the Garden Trailhead – one of the main access points to the Eastern High Peaks Wilderness and the nearest trailhead to Johns Brook Lodge is closed to replace the Johns Brook Bridge, construction is expected to be completed in early September. No vehicles or pedestrians are able to cross the bridge. Hikers and backpackers should gain access to the Garden Trailhead by parking at Marcy Field Parking Lot and using the Town of Keene Shuttle between the Marcy Field Parking Lot and the Garden Trailhead. This will be the only means for accessing the Garden Trailhead during the closure. Public use of the private detour is prohibited. The Town of Keene plans to operate the Shuttle from 7 am to 7 pm, weekends only. The cost will be $10 round-trip per person ($13 Canadian). However, due to the current lack of bus drivers this schedule may be reduced. The town s website has the most up to date shuttle schedule. More information about the closure can be found HERE .

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