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  1. T says

    Dear Ms. Craig,
    Thank you and the ADK Explorer for doing in-depth reporting of this important issue as it evolves. It’s greatly appreciated!
    A tax payer of Long Lake

  2. Dean Lefebvre says

    They should be able to train in the Adirondacks since a little less than 3 million acres are private.

    My God let them train.

    They are the ones protecting US and our freedoms.

    Let’s get real and quit crying like a bunch of babies

    God bless America

  3. William Heckman says

    It appears Ft Drum desires to work with all of the stakeholders. If everyone functions as rational adults things will progress smoothly.

  4. Tom Richards says

    Can’t ride atvs or dirt bikes there but heavy equipment hundreds of boots on the ground and low flying A10 jet aircraft is ok . That’s just not fair to we the people!

  5. Catherine says

    Hopefully, there will be huge budget cuts for the military, and all this will be down the drain. With over a quarter million dead here at home I think we’ve found the enemy, and it is us. What they better start training for is the logistics of administering a couple hundred million vaccines within a few months. That would be an useful exercise.

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