About Tim Rowland

Tim Rowland is a columnist, author and outdoors writer living in Jay.

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  1. louis curth says

    Tim Rowland paints a disturbing picture of societal ills, exacerbated by drug and alcohol abuse, which increasingly are affecting struggling Adirondack families.

    How have we come to grandparents raising their grandchildren in 25% of Essex County families? How is it possible that a child in Essex County is 4 times more likely to end up bouncing in and out of foster care – which is 8 % higher than the national average?

    Most concerning of all; are our future families of these Adirondacks that we all love so much becoming trapped in a worsening cycle of dysfunction that they cannot get out of?

    Clearly, our families need help, REAL HELP, instead of lies and empty promises from those we elect to make our lives better?

  2. David Gibson says

    “welcoming people without judgement” and “bodies don’t disconnect from spirit” are memorable take aways from a sensitive, well written article by Tim Rowland.

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