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Cayte Bosler is an investigative journalist covering the intersections of climate change, wildlife and community resilience in the Adirondack wilderness. Throughout her career, she has researched ecology and wildlife biology in protected areas in the Bolivian Amazon and in Cuba, trekked to an extreme altitude ecosystem in the Peruvian Andes, and boated through the mangrove-filled estuaries of Guatemala — all to chronicle solutions for conserving the natural world. She holds a master of science from Columbia University’s sustainability program and is a fellow of the Explorer’s Club.

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  1. JB says

    I appreciated the comments made at the Tupper Lake meeting, by the Adirondack Council among others, concerning forest management (Ch. 15 of the Draft Scoping Plan). Few people realize how impactful changes to NYS forest policy and tax law could be in the Adirondack Park, most of whose more than 3 million acres of private lands are under some type of state-subsidized forest management program. Though impossible to predict exactly how it would play out, the Plan proposes that “forest management activities increase statewide” in order to increase carbon sequestration and meet NYS net-zero goals.

    Not only do I agree with the Adirondack Council’s Jackie Bowen that the science behind the Plan’s carbon sequestration numbers is lacking, but I think that such a strategy is short-sighted. With invasive species and disease increasingly threatening our forests statewide, we need to be thinking now more than ever about forest ecology over management for target species or sequestration. …Or we risk making the same type mistakes that have necessitated a climate plan in the first place.

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