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  1. Dan Plumley says


    Excellent detailed overview of this complex conservation challenge. It’s a great opportunity for New York State. Thank you for your superb writing.

    Dan Plumley
    Adirondack Wild

  2. Paul says

    It sounds like either way there will be carries of some length to the Essex chain so motor boats would be a rarity if anything even under a wild forest designation. How are past historical uses of the land supposed to be taken into account? Are they?

  3. Paul says

    I would vote for a Canoe Area for the Essex chain with drive up access to some of the ponds like in the St. Regis Canoe Area. If you have a problem with the landing on one pond paddle and carry to another. Everybody wins.

  4. Paul says

    “Although ADK has supported 1A—the “Wilderness with access” option—Woodworth said the club would be satisfied with a Canoe classification. “We really want to have a canoeing and camping experience in the Essex Chain area that is comparable to the St. Regis Canoe Area, but less crowded,”

    If that is the case I don’t see lots of local economic impact. Some but it will be minor, maybe even less than the number of users and economic impact produced by the clubs getting the boot. Plus we have to pick up the tab on the property tax as a state. There are supposed to be many more users and dollars being spent on the Essex chain than we had in the past with the Gooley Club being right there. If that doesn’t happen this has all been a big ruse. The state should have to explain itself if that is the case?

  5. Bob Flacke says

    Please let us not forget that the Finch Land was a TREE FARM. The farm had over 250 miles of roads to service the crops. This farm supported many jobs.

    Seems everyone talks wilderness and recreation development.

    Please remember that the majority of the trees were planted during the CCC days and were the wrong tree to plant— yellow pine. to me a man made wilderness of the wrong type.

    bob flacke


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