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  1. Paul says

    First I personally let the few bears that I have seen go right on by when I am deer hunting. I have no interest in dragging out a bear. It is exciting to see them close up in the woods.

    But with that said we are surrounded by areas that use baiting as part of their control of bear numbers. It is done in Maine as well as Ontario and Quebec (economic boost for all three). If the consensus of the biologists (which appears to be the case) in the department is that we need to reduce bear numbers baiting is really the only way we will probably see a significant impact. Making the season a bit longer will probably not do much of anything. Allowing the use of dogs is not going to do much. There are so few hunters who have bear dogs. Seriously not really even worth arguing over.

    • Fred says

      Paul, I’m glad you see the merits of baiting. The use of dogs is another effective method. Bear are simply not easy to find in their natural habitat (at least not in the type of terrain we have in the northeast). A dog’s tracking ability greatly enhances a hunter’s chance of success, though by no means guarantees it. And the only reason there are currently so few hunters with bear dogs is because bear hunting with dogs is currently outlawed (though there is a non-killing training season). If the use of dogs for bear hunting were allowed in NY, there probably would be more guides, outfits and individual hunters who raised and employed bear dogs (like there are in Maine).

      It is a topic worth arguing over and I think you owe it to yourself to talk with houndsmen and state biologists before you summarily dismiss the use of bear dogs.

  2. ivan says

    I agree with Paul. Baiting would be the most effective way to control the number of bear. The problem with running dogs nowadays (just like in coon hunting)is that the dogs and quarry cross so many highways and property lines without permission. I think good baiting laws, like not allowing bait sites within a certain distance of a public highway or residence would work fine. Maybe having the site clearly posted out to a certain distance form said site and registering it with the DEC would also be a good idea.

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