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  1. Boreas says

    What happened to assessing trail capacity? Until you know what the carrying capacity of the trail system is, should you be encouraging more parking? Don’t put the cart before the horse.

    And will cars still line the roads after THIS lot is filled?? Most certainly – especially toward the Loj. If DEC cannot control the current illegal parking situation, this will not solve it.

    • ADKBCSkier says

      Because there’s no such thing as “trail carrying capacity” in the ADK. The entire concept is a myth pushed by the pro-permits groups who fancy themselves land use policy makers in the area. The constant variability from one section of the trail to the next renders quantifiable capacity impossible, even though some groups have tried establishing arbitrary numbers to no avail thanks to actual science. FWIW if you read through the DEC’s UMPs going back for the past 40 years or so, they’ve never been able to establish an accurate usage monitoring system, and have stated that counting cars is not an accurate gauge for usage.

      Piggybacking this, numerous studies have come out over the last few years explaining the benefit of clustering vs. disbursement. If you’re a proponent of environmental conservation, you want to see clustering at high-use trail heads, not disbursement through out the region.

      Getting back to the original point, what difference does it make if cars line the road from S. Meadows towards the Loj? Its private property at that point and the ADK (club) gets to make that call. Its not up to John Q. Public or the DEC to tell them that too many cars are parked along their own driveway.

  2. Vanessa says

    Shuttles. I was just commenting about shuttles! Obviously the Loj would be on a shuttle route – could be a terminus.

    Further, I don’t understand what stops anyone from expanding on or formalizing the space in Marcy field. It’s already leveled! Build a visitors Center & the whole 9 yards. As for parking closer to the Loj – yes sure someone should just build a big garage in Lake Placid in that lot next to the Olympic buildings.

    I know the exact intersection next to the Loj referred to here, and you’re definitely going to have to down some big trees. I’m not even sure I’d disagree with a suit against it.

    Infrastructure is absolutely needed – but this seems like a giveaway without any innovation. If the state couldn’t get this done since 1992, what makes us think it’s really gonna happen this time?

  3. DON HAYDEN says


    • Brian Krieger says

      You can not restrict people from accessing state land, particularly those who are long time or lifetime NYS residents. I believe it is a very slippery slope and complex issue. 42 years ago there was nearly nothing at the the end of the Adirondack Loj Rd. Now it’s a retail outdoor gear & gift shop, museum, restaurant, campsite with cabins, lean-tos, canvas tents and yurts. I do ask myself did the ADK Mountain Club over develop this once simple trailhead to our beloved High Peaks? Perhaps some of the above mentioned amenities belong more in a location like the Cascade Welcome Center. I realize much outdoor education takes place on the property and certainly we can all hope it benefits the environment. However humans are a complex creature and learn and different levels and some may not learn at all based on what i see on the trails today verse’s the 80’s. It’s a complex issue and we all have our opinions and may that not divide us as we all share a love for the Adirondacks. Use good common-sense when parking to access trailheads and be considerate of others around you. Learn and follow the Outdoor Code.

  4. Boreas says


    Do your research – t was the Loj that complained loudest about the parking along the road. Emergency vehicles were impeded by illegally parked cars, creating safety issues obvious to anyone. They are kinda sensitive to lodges burning down.

    Do your research – the DEC is indeed tasked with establishing carrying capacity on trails, whether you believe in the concept or not. That is the science you are requesting. It has yet to be done because DEC is kicking the can down the road. But I agree, until it is established for each trail system, “overuse” cannot be defined.

  5. nimby says

    I totally agree with the worries of parking along the side of ADK Loj road, its one of the most dangerous roads I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve seen cars barrelling through at 20 MPH or more.

  6. nimby either says

    totally agree. We have to invest in teleporting research. Cars are so last century. People too. Don’t want any people hiking at all. maybe we can have a virtual reality adk experience. Sit at home, hike in your brain and eat ice cream on the couch.

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