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  1. John says

    Looked forward to this area opening for years; but then:
    1) no campfires allowed; 2)permit required. NO THANKS!! Back to Lil’ Tupper and Lila for me. The new DEC TREND: 1) no campfires; 2) permit needed 3) Lean too’s and camping areas moved FAR from the water. A BIG “NO THANKS” FROM THOSE OF US WHO HAVE RESPECTFULLY ALWAYS USED THE ADK’S, but now have to suffer from the people who have not. Thankfully, there will (hopefully) always be other areas where the above are still allowed forever in the ADK’s.

  2. John says

    Thanks so much for this story for backwoods canoe trips detailing how and where to go. You were not fishing but when the camping opens up sounds like third lake would be the place to set camp then paddle all the way up fishing for dinner on the way back to third. Thanks for the story. JJ

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