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  1. ADKSkiDoc says

    One can only hope that someday people will fully understand that the Adirondack Council is in no way whatsoever operating in a legislative capacity, and does not create policy for the Adirondacks or represent a single resident in any legal or regulatory way.

    They are a lobbying group which has helped divert negative press away from NYS in order to place blame for what seems like all ADK issues on outdoor recreating tourists.

    Congratulations to Ms. Phillips on earning her new role. Hopefully whatever science she brings to the table far exceeds that previously used by the Adirondack Council in their efforts to reduce tourism and undermine the local economy while avoiding making any real contributions to actual conservation efforts in the High Peaks region.

  2. nathan says

    Hopefully there will be an improvement in working of true issues facing the adirondacks. water pollution from sewage and farm run off destroying major lakes. work on solutions to alleviate global warming issues and water quality. trying to bring life back to all lakes by stocking fish, crayfish, frogs ect. making all smaller lakes trolling motor only, banning all gasoline outboards on lakes under 1 sq mile, banning all 2 stroke outboards on all lakes. Funding for trail maintenance and upgrades, and law enforcement on trails improved.

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