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  1. louis curth says

    What a great idea for a “climate institute” here that builds upon the history of John Brown’s Farm and the great work of Martha Swan and “John Brown Lives”.

    Thank you Sen. Myrie and Assemblywoman Solages for your work on this. And thank you Gwen Craig for reporting this uplifting story during this dreary time of Covid and war and climate change, and giving us hope for the future.

    Let us HOPE that if we will just stand fast for the truth and stop hating each other, we can truly begin to achieve great things by working TOGETHER! Time is getting short, but if we work TOGETHER, we can still pass along this unique and wonderful Adirondack Park to a new – and yes, whether you like it or not – a more diverse generation, of young people, who will learn to love and to care for this wonderful region just as we do and have done, no matter what our backgrounds, all through our history.

    So let’s all come together, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and start making good things happen for the future of the north country. Let’s all help everybody’s children and grandchildren to become the next generation of environmental “champions” who will make Adirondack Country continue to be a welcoming place for all – residents and visitors alike.

  2. Marina Teramond says

    To tell the truth, I absolutely support this aspiration to open a climate institute because I think that it will be a really reasonable investment which will bear huge fruits afterwards. From my point of view, a climate institute has a great deal of advantages because it is a great opportunity for students to become more aware of climate science and all aspects connected with climate. Studying climate has a paramount importance in our world because climatic change is such a relevant and pressing issue nowadays which requires a great engagement. Of course, the institute could foster the next generation of really talented people who could make a considerable contribution to the improvement and development of our world. From my point of view, the climate institute can perform a really important function and it is a necessary project.

  3. James M Schaefer says

    There is a ready made channel for state funding of a “Climate Institute” as currently envisioned. What’s more, it would shorten the length of time to get programming up and running with an interdisciplinary cadre of highly qualified applied researchers and experienced educators.

    No need to reinvent the wheel here…the State University of New York’s Atmospheric Sciences Research Center already has 60 plus years of ongoing climate studies — some of which use the iconic Schaefer Observatory on the top of Whiteface Mountain near Lake Placid. What’s more, SUNY’s Adirondack Community College in Queensbury and SUNY’s Environmental, Science and Forestry in Syracuse have dozens of faculty already oriented to climate studies. Surely they could be harnessed into a robust program with practical applications regarding climate oriented careers at all levels of the targeted student population.

    A “Climate Institute” centered on these existing SUNY institutions would be a smart and timely addition to benefit the study of climate challenges in the Adirondacks.

  4. Dave says

    This is fantastic! But why only 2.1million out of 216 billion budget? 2 to 3 billion would be better fit this project.

  5. louis curth says

    Jim Schaefer, Just as I learned so much from my mentor, Paul Schaefer, in my early years fighting the Gooley Dam, I think there are also many worthwhile things to unpack in your comments here about climate science and careers.

    But the urgency of global climate distress has finally brought well meaning people together on this proposal, and it now has growing legislative support from many quarters, so let’s all work together to get this plan funded started and build on it in the days ahead.

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