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  1. Keith Silliman says

    Good article, Gwen (as always).

    Most of the small hydro opportunities, especially in the Park, are already developed. The potential for solar development greater than, say, 10 MW is limited by the forested nature of much of the Adirondack Park, and limits on available transmission line interconnect opportunities. Wind development poses some obvious visual impact challenges.

    But this is a good dialogue to have.

    Keith Silliman
    Loon Lake, Franklin County
    Senior Project Developer, Cypress Creek Renewables

  2. Barry L Hewitt says

    We can’t have solar towers so people can have cell coverage in case of emergency, but we can have ugly solar farms.

    • JESSIE BONNO says

      Solar panels or wind turbines should not be built if they contain oils that will contaminate or parts that can not be recycled. Cutting trees to make room for them may cause more harm than good. Our long winters with snow and ice do not make the best place for either.

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