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  1. Dan Vitale says

    Republicans are often opposed to market failure issues that require massive government funding, which often result in increased taxes. Environmental and many social issues can only be ameliorated through government intervention. One of those “dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t” situations.

  2. John says

    This is not a complicated question, nor does it involve much genuine political or philosophical thought: Stefanik has been bought into the “we want power” movement that has captured today’s GOP, and thus follows orders.

  3. Ed Low says

    if you look close at how LCV measures representatives stances on the environment you will se even the 13% IS A BONUS.

    stiffy often votes with a bill, if she knows it will fail.. or her or another q-publican will introduce a il of their own, that will not pass and vote for that.

    it is pretty clear with the phony statement from stiffy and Margaret Palmer Brigham ‘planned’ to do this or that.. stefanik has introduced two bills that becaome law — in eight years two freaking bills

  4. William P says

    Fake news. The “League” is a leftist group funded with dark money with a track record of misleading voters.

  5. louis curth says

    The League of Conservation Voters has a distinguished bi-partisan record of fact-checking candidates running for office and then assigning an overall score to help guide conservation minded voters in their decisions about who to vote for.

    The unsubstantiated accusation that the League is “a leftist group funded with dark money with a track record of misleading voters” in response this article about Stefanik’s disgraceful environmental record and pathetic score of 13, is typical of the lies and misinformation that are tarnishing our right to fair elections here in the north country.

    I discovered the value of the League of Conservation Voters as a reliable source of information going way back to the first Earth Day in 1970 and subsequent battles for environmental causes. Back then such trusted sources helped connect disparate people who were united, above all else, by their love of the Adirondacks and our natural environment.

    I guess I still cling to that memory despite the way today’s politicians play fast and loose with unfounded allegations and outright lies. My hope is that greater tolerance still has the power to bring us together and remind us of the goodness that exists in people. We need to remind ourselves to see past our differences and rediscover how to work together to achieve common goals.

    Unless we can work together, I’m afraid we will never win against the the lies, the greed and the hypocritical corruption of the political elites who dance and bow to the tune of the rich. It is a song about American democracy being sold for 30 pieces of silver, but it could be a song with alternative endings.

    Ending A:
    The Adirondack Daily Enterprise just reported that Rep. Elise Stefanik’s massive fundraising operation has already taken in over $15 million dollars this election cycle, from individual donors, corporate PACs and other candidates. No opposition candidate can come close to her vast funding advantage. Game over…

    Ending B:
    If we were serious about fair elections, voters could DEMAND that Stefanik sign a fair election pledge agreeing to divide her campaign funds equally among her rival candidates. No laws are needed to do this, just a united front by voters of the 21st District INSISTING that democracy be restored by leveling the playing field financially or else Stefanik will lose the support of all voters on election day.
    NIce idea? Maybe, but don’t hold your breath…

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