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  1. David A. Norton says

    Eskinada (spelling probably incorrect) was the name of the Boy Scout camp on Moose Island, Lake Placid, that I attended in 1955 and 1956. Have not been able to find much info on. However, photos of Kate Smith’s place bear a strong resemblance to what I recall. Would appreciate any info. Thank you!

  2. Christine hildebrand says

    Check out Eagle Island, former Girl Scout Camp on Upper Saranac, saved, restored and reopened as a youth camp on our private island. eagleisland.org
    Registering camper for 2022, and hiring staff too. We are in this article at the end as a success story.

  3. Joel Rosenbaum says

    I have good memories of the St Lawrence Council Boy Scout Camp Vigor in
    Morristown, N. Y. It was directly on the St Lawrence River, and across from
    Brockville, Ontario. The head of the camp was Joseph Betsch. This was in the
    1940’s. I often wondered what happened to it?

  4. Rick says

    It’s not boy scouts any longer… It’s boy/girl scouts! Really?? Let boys be boys and girls be girls. You wonder why memberships are declining.. Thanks to liberal policies as they wreck our way of life by changing to ridiculous rules that make NO sense! Go back to BOY SCOUTS and you’ll see memberships climb again.

    • JR says

      Actually numbers have declined so much that offering a combine Scott program is the best wish at keeping Scouting alive! Too much screen time for youths these days. It is difficult to find any youth that is looking for outdoor adventures and explore. Using a GPS or phone to help geocache has helped, but still not the numbers we had up through the 70s and 80s. Really started to decline in the 90s and since. I grew up as a Scout and have been a leader. Cost of uniforms has been blamed but we have even offered a rotation of uniforms. Hand down and use up. Also, difficult to interest adults to be leaders and have parents participate. Believe me, we have tried lots of ways to interest youth and adults .

  5. John says

    Yes Rick, let’s ignore the obscene reason for this bankruptcy case, the sexual abuse of 82,000+ children. Maybe it would be better to just make a stink about the name of the organization.

  6. Trip says


    One of the reasons for the inclusion of girls in the BSA, was an attempt to stem the massive membership decline that occurred during the 25 years before the admission of girls. Girls were not the cause of the Boy Scouts decline but could be their savior. Your belief that admitting girls “caused” the problem says more about your gender biases that it does about the realities of Scouting in the 21st century.

  7. Dennis Reedy says

    55 years ago, I got to tutor a Girl scout who had gotten pregnant on a Explorer Boy Scout and Senior Girl Scout winter camp.

    BUT then years earlier, I was a 13 yr old Boy Scout who was molested by my Scout Master.

    Which came first? boy Scout molestation or Boy/Girl Scouts?

  8. Mary A Tobin says

    Don’t disrespect the boy scouts because of actions of a few. Those kind of people always slither through the cracks. Think of the millions that benefited from the programs. I have the best memories of my time at summer camp( a Catholic diocesan camp) that still welcomes youths to this day. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

    • Leon says

      Really just a few? Sounds like you hadn’t done your homework about what has happened in the past with the Boy Scouts! I would say that it was just more than a few! The problem is most of you people read a few things that the media has put on here and say oh my goodness the Boy Scouts are being attacked. But the bottom line is many of the boys were in Boy Scouts were attacked by Predators monsters and criminals. I guarantee it was more than just a few their names are listed online a list of them won’t you go check it out. It will blow your mind!

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