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  1. Jonny says

    Great article, however, I do not see any reason as to why BIPOC do not have access to ADK. They have the same access and ability to travel here as literally everyone else. There is no legislation or reason as to why anyone cannot head north. Whether they choose to or not is up to them. If it is a financial reason, then they face it just the same as anyone in the same bracket. There are no “transportation inequities” in our state…that is a fabrication. It just seems like your reaching here, trying to create a problem and be the solution, where there is not a problem.

    If there are transportation inequities specifically for BIPOC, please share as I must be uninformed.

    “Anyone can be out here – and we need everyone to be out here if we want to protect and conserve nature,” said Torriente. Anyone CAN be out here…trying to force EVERYONE out into nature, is detrimental to nature. You can find examples of that EVERYWHERE. I love the idea of getting people who haven’t been there to have a chance to explore. Making it more then that, just seems counterproductive.

    “Knowing I can bring my family for free if I just have gas money and can walk around and enjoy myself, that could be a start for a lot of humans.” It is already that way… gas money is all you need to get yourself to a trailhead or lakeside. You don’t need to pay the exorbitant amount charged by the lodges and NYS run Campgrounds…you don’t need $200 hiking boots and a huge backpack, and all the expensive little things hikers like to think are essential. The woods are already accessible to all. It is easier then it has ever been to find information, directions to public land, free campsites, easy or difficult trails, etc.

    Because everyone ALREADY has access to this Joy…just as they always have.

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